Video: Angelina Jolie evacuated after bomb threat during visit to Ukraine

Angelina Jolie has always shown her solidarity in the face of the world’s injustices. In addition to being an ambassador for the UN, she is also an ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

On this occasion she wanted to help the Ukrainian people in these difficult times they are going through with the Russian invasion and visited the city of Lviv, the principle city in the west of Ukraine.

However, this trip had nothing to do with her positions in these organisations and was allegedly undertaken in a personal capacity, with the intention of “helping the Ukrainians”.

There, she was able to see the situation first hand and hear the experiences of the people affected. The actress visited a cafeteria, a boarding school and a train station, but had to be evacuated from the latter.

The moment when Angelina Jolie had to leave the building was recorded and the sound of anti-aircraft sirens warning of a possible Russian attack or bombing near the area can be heard.

The video is upsetting, but the actress says she is fine. The video lasts less than a minute and shows her running with her team to protect herself from a possible attack.

One of the operatives accompanying Angelina Jolie asks whoever is filming to stop.

The actress experienced the tensions that have been raging in Ukraine since February first hand. She was in Lviv, which is 80 kilometres from the Polish border, and has been attacked by Russia in recent days.

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